Grey Knights Work in Progress, pt 1 — January 4, 2017

Grey Knights Work in Progress, pt 1

I’m battling with bronchitis, so I had a bit more of a chance to make progress on the Grey Knights than I expected. (In between sleeping and coughing up large quantities of neon gunk)

Let me just say straight out of the gate just how amazing the Metal Color range from Vallejo is. These are without a doubt the best metallic paints I’ve ever used. They apply so smooth, and don’t look like glorified glitter paint like some ranges. In the hands of someone more skilled than me, I believe they could look like the model was actually made of metal.

The pictures above are the base coat of Burnt Iron, over the gloss black primer. I applied the paint mostly from the bottom-up, so I could be sure of hitting the recesses. The gloss primer really helps the metallic paint shine, so the finish was a little brighter than I was expecting, when held under the painting lamp.

Building the Grey Knights, pt2 — January 2, 2017

Building the Grey Knights, pt2

Not much to say here… built up the 2nd Terminator squad, then got both squads and the Librarian primed.

I’m trying out the new(ish) Metal Colour range from Vallejo, so everything was primed with their Gloss Black primer, instead of a normal matte finish primer. The theory is the gloss finish makes the metallic paints “pop” more. Apology for the bad picture – the iPhone camera seems to throw a hissy fit when trying to take a picture of highly glossy surfaces:


Building the Grey Knights, pt. 1 — January 1, 2017

Building the Grey Knights, pt. 1

Once I had my plan set out, it was time to build. At first I was struggling with motivation to build the Terminators, but once I kitbashed the Librarian leading them, I got into the swing of things:

The Librarian is the Deathwatch Librarian, with a head, shoulder pad and weapon swap, plus the Blood Angel symbols filed off.

I wanted the Terminators to look a bit more sleek than the default build, so I didn’t add much in the way of “extras” (pouches, relics, etc) and I left off the small shields that attach to their shoulder. The Justicar is built to look like he’s manifesting a psychic power – I’ll paint an OSL effect on his hand.

The remaining 5 Terminators will be built tomorrow, and I’ll hopefully get the whole lot primed as well.

A Cunning Plan —

A Cunning Plan


I wanted to make an early start on my Hobby Resolutions for this year – start as you mean to go on, and all that – so I took an hour or two to think about how to tackle my hefty backlog in manageable chunks.

My basic plan is to paint in roughly 500 point “blocks”; aiming for a block per month as probably the least likely to provoke burnout. If I can paint more than that some months: fantastic. If not, I’m not going to stress about it. Conveniently, 500 points per month is the goal for the local “New Year, New Army” event at my local Games Workshop store,

With that out of the way, it was then a case of “where to begin?” The vast majority of my backlog is made up of various sub-factions of Warhammer 40K Imperials, so it makes sense to start there. In December I finished a formation of Sisters of Silence + a Culexus Assassin, then built an army list around the theme of “Imperial Agents” – the SoS, Assassins, Grey Knights, and Deathwatch, possibly led by an Inquisitor. I figured that this might be the more interesting way to go, as it was more varied than Yet Another Space Marine Army.

Looking at the (rough) list I put together, the Grey Knights stood out as the obvious place to start, because: a) I had 1x character and 2x troops already, to meet a minimum CAD; and b) because the elements I already had came to almost exactly 500 points – 505, to be exact! 11 models also seemed like a nice, reasonably easy amount to kick-off with.

The Deathwatch will be split over 2 months, as the entire “sub-list” (of which I have all but 1 Drop Pod) comes to just over 1000 points. It is relatively small though, at 21 models, so I might get through it faster

There are some elements to add in – 2 Dreadknights for the Grey Knights, for example – but after these forces are done, I “just” have a Space Marine Skyhammer Annihilation Force to add in for the main segments of the army.

So that’s the plan for now. It might change slightly over the next few weeks, as the Fall of Cadia stuff is revealed and released (I definitely want to add the Inquisitor Greyfax model!), but as long as I stick to some semblance of it I should be fine… should.

Hobby Resolutions 2017 —

Hobby Resolutions 2017

  • Finish more models than in 2016 (i.e. more than 77)
  • Reduce my project backlog considerably1
  • Complete at least one large project (i.e. finish a playable army list)2
  • Step out of my painting comfort zone more often
  • Play more games3

  1. Most likely way: restrict new purchases to 1:X painted models. 
  2. Could be something started previously, the important thing is to finish it
  3. The rumoured 8th Edition of 40K might be a good excuse.